Dental and Derma Medical Clinic since 2010

Bringing Beautiful Smiles, Beautiful skin and outstanding results.

We have been treating satisfied patients since 2010 We offer aesthetic, reconstructive and corrective Dental, Orthidontic and dermatologic services by highly skilled staff using only the latest technologies and techniques.

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If your smile is not becoming to you, then you should be coming to me!

Why are we the right choice?

Our reputation for outstanding clinical care and friendly atmosphere, together with a continuous investment in technology and facilities ensures we attract leading consultants and specialists to work with us. We work with the best and the most experienced consultants and healthcare specialists from across the country.

  • We Care

    Our approach to caring for our patients and families involves leading-edge medical technology provided by an expert, experienced staff that treats every person with professionalism, sensitivity and compassion.

  • Decade of Experience

    Clinic started 2010 and since then our experience and knowledge on the medical, dental dermatological is at competent with worldwide standards.

  • Modern Technology

    We invest in the most advance technology in the medical industry to ensure patient's care and experience is the most effective and most efficient care that they will receive.

  • Qualified specialist

    We at Dr. Mansoori clinic take pride in our team of doctors and specialist. We continue to grow our knowledge through patient's experience and continuous learning.

Health Tips

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Meet Our Specialists

Boasting years of experience in the fields of Dental surgery, Orthodontic treatment, Dermatology and Laser Hair removal an Laser Rejuvenation.


Dr. Seyed Rasool Mansoori

Specialist Dermatologist

Dr. Qusay Abdilrahman

Specialist Orthodontist

Ms. Janness Gonzaga

Laser Therapist Nurse

Ms. Reana Fe Bobier

Dental Nurse

Certificates and Credentials

With an arsenal of trainings and certifications from international institutions we are sure deliver excellence and precision

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Office 103, Zeenah Building,Port Saeed,Deira, Dubai

Telephone Number

+971 4 2989995